Theatre: 1980s

1987-8: Breaking the Code
By Hugh Whitemore

Jenny: Pat Green

Director: Clifford Williams

Washington and The Neil Simon Theatre, Broadway

1985: Breaking the Silence
By Stephen Poliakoff

Jenny: Polya

Director. Ron Daniels

The Mermaid Theatre, London

1984: The Shrew
By Charles Marowitz (after Shakespeare)

Jenny: Kate

Director: Charles Marowitz


1982-3: The Body
By Nick Darke

Jenny: Grace Gross

Director: Nick Hamm

RSC Stratford

1982-3: Lear
By Edward Bond

Jenny: Fontanelle

Director: Barry Kyle

RSC Stratford and London

1982-3: King Lear
By William Shakespeare

Jenny: Regan

Director: Adrian Noble

RSC Stratford and London

1982-3: Arden of Faversham
By Anonymous Author

Jenny: Alice

Director: Terry Hands

RSC Stratford and London

1980: Hedda
By Charles Marowitz (after Henrik Ibsen)

Jenny: Hedda

Roundhouse Theatre London

1980: Betrayal
By Harold Pinter

Jenny: Emma

Boston Playhouse