Television: 1980s

1989: The Equalizer Series

The Visitation

Jenny: Lauren Demeter     

Director: Bradford May

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1989: Dear John Series

The British Are Coming

Jenny: Sarah     

Director: Hal Cooper

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1987: Amazon Women on the Moon

Jenny: Cleopatra  

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1987: The Film Club

First broadcast:  on BBC Two

Philip French, film critic of the Observer, introduces two films from cult American director Monte Hellman.

China 9, Liberty 37. Starring Jenny, Warren Oates and Fabio Testi

1987: The Grand Knockout Tournament

First broadcast:  on BBC One London

Teams compete over crazy games to raise money for Children in Need with guests, who include Jenny 

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1987: The Twilight Zone

Voices in the Earth

Jenny: Jacinda    

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1987: Once in a Lifetime: Margaret Lacey

Jenny self

Director: Barry Cockcroft

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1986: The Twilight Zone Series

The Last Defender of Camelot

Jenny: Morgan Le Fay     

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1986: The Two Ronnies

First broadcast:  on BBC One

Special guest Jenny as Agnes Pommfrit

Director: Marcus Mortimer

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1985: Silas Marner (The Weaver of Raveloe) 

First broadcast:  on BBC One

Starring Jenny and Ben Kingsley   

Director: Giles Foster

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1985: Love’s Labour’s Lost

Jenny: Rosaline

Director: Elijah Moshinsky

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1985: An Actor’s Life for Me

First broadcast:  on BBC Two England

This series of five programmes combines the best stories and the best storytellers in a theatrical anthology. Tonight’s contributors include Jenny 


1985: Off the Record

First broadcast:  on BBC Two England

Jenny takes Steve Blacknell through her record collection and illustrates some of her favourites with archive footage.

1984: This Office Life

First broadcast: on BBC One

Starring Jenny as Pam.

Director: Ian Keill

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1983: Jenny Agutter Charity Appeal

First broadcast:  on BBC One

Jenny appeals on behalf of The Mid Counties Autistic Society (reg no 284753). Jenny explains what MIDCAS is doing to fill this gap in the care and treatment of autistic youngsters.

1983: The Time of Your Life

First broadcast:  on BBC One London

With Noel Edmonds. In the last programme in this series, Jenny remembers 17 December 1970 with the help Of Bwenard Cribbins and Dinah Sheridan.

1982: A Dream of Alice

First broadcast:  on BBC Two 

Reflections of Wonderland to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lewis Carroll. Presented by Marian Montgomery, starring Jenny as Alice.

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1981: Amy       

Jenny: Amy Medford

Director: Vincent McEveety

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1981: Film 81

First broadcast:  on BBC One 

Presented by Barry Norman.

Jenny stars in An American Werewolf in London, a contemporary spoof horror on the wolf-man classics, written and directed by John Landis. 

1980: The World About Us

First broadcast: on BBC Two

Walkabout to Hollywood. David Gulpilil , a tribal aborigine of Australia’s Northern Territory, played the lead, opposite Jenny, in the Hollywood film Walkabout and became an international star. This is the story of how Gulpilil struggles to maintain a balance between his tribal roots and the demands of show-business. Narrated by Robert Powell.

1980: Beulah Land

Jenny: Lizzie Corlay

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1980: Jackanory

First broadcast:  on BBC One London

Jenny reads ‘The Mill House Cat’ by Marjorie-Ann Watts.