Photo Gallery

The half dozen photos In this gallery are a selection from films or photo shoots at different times in Jenny’s career. 
If you would like an A5 sized photograph signed to you or someone you know, please fill in the request form and send it with a stamped addressed A5 envelope, to the address below. You should hear back within a month unless Jenny is away and unable to get back promptly.
Jenny’s preference would be to sign a photo chosen from this gallery. If a photo is sent that is not suitable for signing it will be returned. Please be aware it is not possible to receive or send anything by special delivery, sadly items can get lost in the post so please don’t send items that are of great personal value to you.
There is no payment expected to cover the costs of the photo or administration, but please consider making a donation to one of Jenny’s chosen charities – or one of your choice. 
If you are a UK taxpayer making a donation online, please tick the Gift Aid box. Gift Aid enables UK taxpayers to boost their donation by an extra 25p on each £1.  
The photographs will be changed regularly so do check in now and again.
 Please don’t forget to give the name of the person or organisation for whom the photograph is to be dedicated.
Please use the attached request form: Jenny Agutter Signed Photo Request form