Foreign Girls
by Elaine Feinstein
BBC Radio play, serialised in three parts, Nov 1993
A Small Miracle
by Paul Gallico, read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio, Apr 1994
Desert Island Discs: Jenny Agutter
interviewed by Roy Plomley
BBC Radio, 1 May 1982
The Snow Goose
by Paul Gallico, read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio, Dec 1992
Taking the Devil's Advice
by Anne Fine
BBC Radio play, Jun 1992
Thirty Minute Theatre - Love Is Strange
by Peter Thomson
BBC Radio play, Apr 1993
Great Lives: Lise Meitner
BBC Radio 4, 12 Jan 2010
Jenny Agutter champions the life of Lise Meitner in conversation
with Matthew Parrish
Silas Marner
by George Eliot
BBC Radio 7 dramatisation, 14-15 Sep 2009,
originally broadcast on Radio 4, 30-31 Aug 2004
Words and Music: Ideas of Wilderness
BBC Radio 4, 21 Jun 2009
Northanger Abbey
by Jane Austen (adapted)
BBC Radio 4 play serialised in three parts, 18 Sep, 25 Sep
and 2 Oct 2005
My Love Must Wait
by Nick Warburton
BBC Radio 4 play, 25 Jan 2005
Private Passions
Michael Berkeley speaks to Jenny Agutter about her choice of music
BBC Radio 3, 19 Sep 2004
by Sandor Marai (adapted)
Jenny Agutter as Krisztina
BBC Radio 3, 18 Apr 2004
Flames - Monday Lunch in Fairyland
by Angela Huth, read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio 4, 15 Oct 2002
The White Cat
by Edith Nesbit, read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio 3, 3 Jan 2000
Shell Songs
by Clare Boylan, read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio, 4 Jun 1999
The Feast of Stephen
by Maeve Binchy, read by Jenny Agutter 
BBC Radio, Dec 1998
Visiting Royalty
by Sonia Lambert, read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio, 29 Apr 1998
With Great Pleasure
Poetry and prose selected by Jenny Agutter,
read by Sara Kestelman and Michael Pennington
BBC Radio 4, 3 Nov 1997
Short Story - My Son
by Jane Rawlinson, read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio, 3 Sep 1997
Lizard Artists                                                
Jenny Agutter interviews local Cornish artists
BBC Radio, 29 Jul 1997
Jamaica Inn
by Daphne Du Maurier, ten episodes read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio, 1996/7
Poetry Please - AA Milne
Jenny Agutter reads a selection of poetry
BBC Radio, Jun 1996
Summer Stories - The Other Girl
by John Mortimer, read by Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio, Aug 1995
Front Row: The Railway Children
BBC Radio 4, 31 Mar 2010
Jenny Agutter discusses forty years of The Railway Children with John Wilson
The Film Programme: Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio 4, 7 May 2010
Jenny Agutter discusses The Railway Children and her early film career with Francine Stock
Afternoon Reading: Three Short Stories by E Nesbit
BBC Radio 4, 5-7 October 2010
Jenny Agutter reads three short stories by E Nesbit: Her Marriage Lines, The Bristol Bowl and Grandsire Triples
Reading Aloud
Narrator: Jenny Agutter
BBC Radio 4, Mar 1993
Ed Reardon's Week: Summer of '76
BBC Radio 4, 14 February 2011

Jenny as Fiona
The Minister of Chance
he Minister of Chance is a new form of entertainment - a radiophonic drama - made using a combination of film and radio techniques and delivered by podcast. It is the first of its kind.

Jenny as Professor Cantha
Beauty of Britain: Citroen UXB
BBC Radio 4, 6 April 2011

Jenny as Sarah
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