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Jeremy Polmear - Oboe Classics Podcasts

Enjoy and watch out for more of the podcast oboe classics.
20th November 2017: Talking to Jeremy Polmear on his podcasts

"I have had the huge pleasure of doing a number of words and music programmes over the years with two brilliant musicians: pianist Diana Ambache, who was also leader of her own orchestra, and Jeremy Polmear who plays oboe, cor anglais and saxophone. Oboe is one of my favourite instruments. I always felt it was a privilege being on stage with them, listening to sublime pieces of music beautifully played.

Jeremy, with his label Oboe Classics, has created a number of podcasts amongst them are recordings of many of the pieces of music I came to know through the programmes. Jeremy asked if I would talk with him on the podcasts about the music and the way I felt about it. I was thrilled to do this as it brought back the joy of hearing the music again.
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